IAWE / Arc 16

  • IAWE / Arc 16

© 2002 / IAWE

Journal of the Israel Association of Writers in English, edited by LOIS MICHAL UNGER. This edition featured 3 of my poems, including one I wrote in Barcelona.

I also had the pleasure of designing this issue’s cover. As the theme was “poems written in coffee houses”, I spelled out ARC with coffee mug stains.


Bare Chested

Bare chested
Tattoo shining
For all Spaniards to admire
Inkin’ on napkin
Shed bottle skin
Tourists silence
the Ocean’s choi
Bare chested
Nipples pining
her Coal hair dries in the breeze
Alone she sits
her Citrus tits
Silhouette on bare knees
Bare chested
I am hiding
Dousing my feelings in sobriety
I haven’t the name
or the Nose for fame
Mine is a wall
of Tiled anxiety

Barcelona Promenade Cafe, Catalua