• Alexa

© 2002

A short-lived, underground, Tel Aviv magazine surrounding Sex & Art.

The Painers/Liver


the Painers are here and they’re jabbin’ us

got forks for handles to open up and close our wounds

they keep recruiting new talent, the Painers

the Painers got a fuckin’ army

they don’t need no machine guns, or combat aerial assault

got those long arms that grabb from you behind

cover you by your eyes, no peak-a-boo

got those sneaker shoes to run ahead

i’ll recruit my own army

of octopus hands

yeah, to jack me, protect me, untie me, fuckin’ fly me

went to see a shank and a butcher knife

i thought i wasn’t afraid of pain anymore

without restrain able to chop my own

the shank is so that until i get my knife together

i look good

but i didn’t buy either