Born in Toronto, raised in New York City, chewed up Tel Aviv  and settled in the Northern GalileeAllan Moon’s globe-spanning adventures live through his arts.  Whether he’s writing, producing, designing or recording, he invites you into his intimate encounters, revealing romances, a musical passion and an unapologetic strife at society’s injustices.


“Very straight ahead, personal, even disturbing at times. I liked SONG OF THE WIND a lot. It’s such a sad song, delivered so delicately. The images of loss are really poetic, and each one tells a complete story in two lines. Very strong stuff …”

David Kahne

Producer (Paul McCartney, The Strokes, Sean Lennon)

“Singer/songwriter Allan Moon writes some thoughtful lyrics on this album that mixes folk and blues rock in an earthy milieu. There’s some old school acoustic rock on “Karolina” and old school electric rock on “June Ray” that both feature an earnest and convincing Moon who shines well here. He comes across luminously with some rich steel guitar from Uri Brauner Kinrot on “Sister Dapnha” and as folksy as a starry night on the back porch cozy “Oh Michael” and the Delta toned “Brainwashed.” All of the songs have thoughtful and ruminative messages, yet clothed in basic American gear. Intriguing.”

Jazz Weekly

Allan Moon has traversed nearly as many countries of residence as he has genres of music in his album, Children of the Call. His eclectically inspired tracks are reminiscent of Ry Cooder’s mix of Americana roots music and collaboration with traditional musicians from many other countries. Like Cooder, Moon has brought his experiences from Canada and The States to his overseas friends to express his complex relationship with the places he’s lived. For Children of the Call, Moon has collaborated with Israel’s top indie musicians, including Kutiman, members of Balkan Beat Box, and Boom Pam. Essentially, this album is a trip.”

The Blank of Blank